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Nurse Jackie, Flawed Nurse, Good Show

"The Truth About Nursing" has a different take on "Nurse Jackie" as well as a more detailed analysis than my visceral reaction. Their conclusion:
On the whole, Nurse Jackie has the potential to alter the public image of nursing more profoundly than any Hollywood show of recent decades. Even on ER, by far the best major show for nursing so far, the profession was never more than an occasional supplement to the real action, which was dominated by the heroic physician characters. But Nurse Jackie is an unusually compelling, witty character who works at center stage, dispensing expert physical and psychosocial care, saving and endangering lives, raising nurses' and physicians' level of play, deceiving herself and those who love her, making dubious moral choices--and presenting a radically different vision of what a nurse is.
Read the full review here: Nurse Jackie: Henchman of God

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