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Does Motorcycle Training Reduce Motorcycle Accidents?

Over at Kneeslider, they recently asked if Motorcycle Training Reduce Motorcycle Accidents? States like Oregon are implementing required rider training not only for new riders but for all riders. I think that's a pretty great idea. You may choose to ignore everything they try to teach you. You can teach 'em but you can't learn 'em. However, if riders are receptive, something might just stick and save a life.

Kneeslider is right, of course, the personality of the rider plays the largest role in whether or not you gear up and ride right. Yet so much of motorcycle riding is counterintuitive. When I took my class, there were other guys there that had trouble getting their heads around ideas like countersteering and rolling off before corners. I had been a careful rider, but training made me more so. I think training is a good thing and I'm all for mandatory training. It can't hurt.

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