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Doctor My Eyes ...

I love collecting medical songs.
 I have a collection on Spotify you can listen to called Medically Necessary that opens with the great Jackson Browne's "Doctor My Eyes" which includes that wonderful line "is this the price, for having learned how not to cry."

These songs were the soundtrack to hard days treating dying patients in my earlier years of oncology nursing. They helped me get through hard nights and gave me strength to go back for another 12 hours shift. Music is the best medicine - at least for me. Especially on a long and winding drive home. I'm always finding new songs and adding to my playlist.

One song I can't find on Spotify that belongs on that playlist is "Only the Song Survives" by John Hiatt. The song is a brilliant ballad about a couple that find themselves in the Emergency Room after a car accident. In it, the singer has short term memory loss, and he has trouble remembering what happened, and even that he was married in the first place. I can't put it on my playlist, so here it is:

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