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Bad News for Kids Healthcare

A new Federal Report out yesterday finds that states will be running out of health insurance next year... oh well, I guess their parents can just go buy private health insurance! According to the New York Times...
Twenty-one states will run out of money for children’s health insurance
in the coming year, and at least nine of those states will exhaust
their allotments in March if Congress simply continues spending at
current levels, a new federal study says. The findings added urgency to bipartisan talks on Capitol Hill intended to overcome an impasse over expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. States, unsure of federal money, are drafting contingency plans in case it runs short. Officials
in charge of the child health program in California said Tuesday that
they were adopting rules to allow the state to create a waiting list
and to remove some of the 1.1 million children already on the rolls.

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